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[movies]There is No Life Without Jihad - أبي محمد الأنصاري119
‎AlHayat Media Presenting: There is No Life Without Jihad
Keywords: There is No Life Without Jihad؛AlHayat؛ISIS
[audio]اجمل المقاطع الشيخ محمود الشحات - الشيخ محمود الشحات
اجمل المقاطع الشيخ محمود الشحات لا تنسونا من دعائكم
Keywords: اجمل المقاطع الشيخ محمود الشحات Mahmoud; Al-Chahhat; ـ 8.2; جيجا; من; اسطوانة; جودة; متوسطة; المصباح; المنير; في; تهذيب; تفسير; ابن كثير; حمل; استمع; الى; سورة; طه; بصوت; 73; قارئا; ألفية; ابن; مالك; ياسر; النشمي; المصحف; المعلم; للقارئ; محمود; خليل; الحصري; صوت; نقي; جدا; قرآن; أناشيد; دروس; مصاحف; قرآن; خطب; الرقية; الشرعية; شرح; مرتل; مجود الكريم نشيد; جهاد; في سبيل الله; جوال دعوة; دعوية نغمات اسلامية; التوبة; الجنّة; النّار; الوالدين; العقوق اسلامية; كتب الكريم; الشيخ; الداعية; محاضرة; قراء مشاهير حفلات; تسجيلات; تلاوة; نوادر التلاوات; قديم; جديد حمل أذكار; المنشد; أفراح; ايقاع خالية; معازف; سلاسل; عبد; الرشيد; بن; شيخ; علي; صوفي; صوت مرئي سلاسل صوتية; سلاسل مرئية; مسلم التونسي; الصباح; المساء; دعاء; أدعية; ختم القران; الحرم; المكي; النبوي; المدني; لعام هجري هـ; التعليق; تم رفع هذه المادة muslem; ettounsi; up by muslem; koran; quran moshaf; mushaf mourattil; moujawad karee; cheikh; anachid; dourous; lectures; books; islam; tape; k7; islamic jihad; tilawat; roquia mp3; avi; dvd new; الحفلات; المجودة; التسجيلات; الخارجية; حمل; استمع; الى; سورة; بصوت; 73 قارئا; 100; سلسلة; للشيخ; محمد; بن; صالح; العثيمين; التلاوات; الخاشعة; النادرة; للقارئ; محمود; الشحات; .1123; تلاوة
[texts]Jung Aur Jihad. - Maulana Arshad Jamal
Urdu book
Keywords: islam; religion; mohammad; peace; prophet; urdu
[movies]Mujahid Moments 6 HQ - شبكة الجهاد العالمي http://www.shabakataljahad.com/vb
  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم   AL-KATAIB FOUNDATION PRESENTS MUJAHIDEEN MOMENTS 6 Dedicated...To the men of lofty ambitions and unconquerable spirit... To those whose hearts glow with the truth of Tawheed... To the bearers of the standard and banner of Tawheed... To the suppressed fathers and oppressed mothers... To the innocent Muslims lingering in the prisons of the kuffar..TO the millions of Muslims in East Africa and beyond ---------------------- O Allah, the Revealer o...
Keywords: Al-Kataib Foundation; Mujahideen Moments 6
Downloads: 1,560
[movies]Solutions to The Ummah´s problems -Imam Anwar Awlaki - PeaceIsFromAllah
The Ummah is going through a lot of Fitnah but is there a solution to the Ummah´s problems?
Keywords: Allah; Muhammad; Quran; Jihad; Imam Anwar Awlaki; Islam; Problems; Unity
[movies]Which Islamic Group Should I Follow - Imam Anwar Awlaki - PeaceIsFromAllah
What are the Qualities of that right group I should follow?
Keywords: Allah; Muhammad; Quran; Jihad; Group; Islamic Group; Imam Anwar Awlaki; Islam; Problems; Unity
[movies]Imam Anwar Awlaki Speaking About The Islamic State [IS] - PeaceIsFromAllah
May Allah SWT bless him immensly - Imam Anwar Awlaki speaking about The Islamic State before his Death.
Keywords: Allah; Muhammad; Quran; Islamic State; Jihad; Group; Islamic Group; Imam Anwar Awlaki; Islam; Problems; Unity
[movies]8 Obstacals from The Path of Jihad - Imam Anwar Awlaki - PeaceIsFromAllah
Say, [O Muhammad], "If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtained, commerce wherein you fear decline, and dwellings with which you are pleased are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and jihad in His cause, then wait until Allah executes His command. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people." [Quran 9:25]
Keywords: Allah; Muhammad; Quran; Islamic State; Obstacles; 8; Eight; Jihad; Group; Islamic Group; Imam Anwar Awlaki; Islam; Problems; Unity
[texts]Jihad Aur Dehshatgardi Chnd Asri Tatbekat
Jihad Aur Dehshatgardi Chnd Asri Tatbekat
Keywords: Jihad Aur Dehshatgardi Chnd Asri Tatbekat
[movies]ترجمان الموحدین للإنتاج الإعلامي تقـــدم |جہاد کے بغیر زندگی نہیں | بلغةالاردو There Is No Life Without Jihad - Al-Muwahideen -الموحدین
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمترجمان الموحدين للإنتاج الإعلاميادارہ الموحدین برائے نشرو اشاعت:: تقدم:::: پيش کرتے ہيں ::ترجمة الأردية للإصدار المرئي مؤسسة الحیاۃ للانتاج الاعلاميادارہ الحیاۃ برائے نشر واشاعت کی ویڈیو ریلیز کا اردوترجمہ« || There Is No Life With out Jihad ||»’’جہادکےبغیرزندگی نہ...
Keywords: is ordu-urdu-al-muwahideen-isis-al hayat media
[audio]01 Sikap Seorang Muslim Terhadap Seruan Jihad Dan Isu ISIS Ustadz Afifuddin
Keywords: isis
[audio]Antara Jihad Syar'i Dan Jihad ISIS Ustadz Sofyan Chalid Ruray
Keywords: kumpulnan-fatwa.blogspot.com
[movies]Those Who Remain Behindl from Jihad Fisabilillah - Imam Anwar Awlaki
The ones who remain behind by the Shaykh Anwar Awlaki.
Keywords: Allah; Muhammad; Quran; Imam Anwar Awlaki; Jihad; Mujahideen; Iraq; Khalifah; Iraq; Syria; Imam; Army
[movies]Jihad Will Continue Until The Day Of Judgment - Imam Anwar Awlaki - PeaceIsFromAllah
Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah . But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors. 2:193
Keywords: Allah; Muhammad; Imam Anwar Awlaki; Jihad; Umma; Khalifah; Iraq; Syria; Gaza; Muslim; Mujahideen; Fighting; Qital
Downloads: 2
[movies]The Islamic State - Mujahid
#IS #Islamic State#ISIS The Islamic State (IS)[5][7][56] (Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية‎ ad-Dawlah l-ʾIslāmiyyah), formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL /ˈaɪsɪl/) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS /ˈaɪsɪs/),[a] is a Sunni jihadist group in the Middle East. In its self-proclaimed status as a caliphate, it claims religious authority over Muslims all across the world[57] and aspires to bring much of the Muslim-inhabited regions of the world under its...
Keywords: ISIS; ViceNews
Downloads: 20
[movies]The Revival Series, Truth Revealed - zmujahid
The Revival Series, EnterTheTruth... Episodes:- The Revival Pt.01 - The Taliban.mp4 The Revival Pt.02 - Devide And Conquer.mp4 The Revival Pt.03 - The Other Side.mp4 The Revival Pt.04 - Terrorism.mp4 The Revival Pt.05 - Suicide Attacks.mp4 The Revival Pt.06 - 911.mp4 The Revival Pt.07 - Moderate Islam.mp4 The Revival Pt.08 - The Revival.mp4 The Revival Pt.09 - The Prophecy.mp4 The Revival Pt.10 - The Dream.mp4 The Revival Pt.11 - Osama Bin Laden.mp4 The Revival Pt.12 - Jihad.mp4
Keywords: Revival
Downloads: 1
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6477: The Jihad Couple - Funny or Die
Craig's a bit oblivious and Hamid's a bit terrorist, when the two become roommates they learn a little about each other, and a lot about life....and death.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; 9 11; Adam Sandler; Baby Mama; Barack Obama; Each Other; Hillary Clinton; Jareb Dauplaise; Matt Damon; Meet; Seth Rogen; The Jihad; The Two; beheading; fucking Ben Affleck; insurance; jihad; sketch comedy; suicide hotline; terrorism; zohan
[texts]Harmony And Disharmony; Exploiting Al Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerbilities F Copy
A CTC Report
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[audio]Jihad In The Light Of Islam By Ash Sheikh Hassan Riyas Abbasi Jummah 20140815
Keywords: JihadInTheLightOfIslamByAshSheikhHassanRiyasAbbasiJummah20140815
[texts]Brief Biography Of Ayman Al Zawahiri
A Harmony document (2RAD-2004-600457)A short biography pulled from an Islamic terrorist website focusing on his education, beliefs, formative experiences for his beliefs, his ties to bin Laden, and his terrorist activities. As one would expect, it is told from a sympathetic perspective.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
Downloads: 1
[texts]Letters From Bin Laden
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-003345)The letters in this document were written between 1994 and 1998, and cover a range of topics related to Saudi Arabia. The primary theme is the illegitimacy of the Saudi regime, and the allegation that they are supporting a Western plot to destroy the Muslim nation. Each letter addresses a current event, describing the event and providing the author’s analysis of the context and implications of the regime’s actions...
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Al Adl Letter
A Harmony document‘Abd-al-Halim Adl vigoroulsy challenges the leadership of Osama Bin Laden and accuses him of being close-minded and oblivious to the great harm suffered by Al-Qa’ida in recent months. He writes to Mukhtar both to confront him for his complicity in these ill-conceived plans and to change Mukhtar’s thinking.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Letter To Pakistani Scholars From Bin Laden
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-901188)A letter to the scholars of Deyubende in Peshawar, Pakistan. Osama bin Laden asks for a fatwa from them, noting that some Arab peninsula scholars have already done so. He also encourages them to recruit youth as soldiers for the jihad and the wealthy for donations to the cause. Finally, he asks for allegiance to himself and Mullah Mohammed Omar.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Get The Idolaters Out Of Arab Island
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-603856)A warning to the officials of the United Arab Emirates to stop detaining Mujahideen sympathizers.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Criticism Of Sheikh Bin Baz
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-602187)A letter addressed to Sheik Rida from an unknown author criticizing the sheik for his unfair criticism of Sheik Bin Baz’s ruling on apostasy and his exaggeration of Sheik Magdasi’s blunder.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Political Speculation
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-602181)This document is a response to issues raised in a previous correspondence. It appears to be addressed to Al-Sahal Al-Mumtan’, but this could be the author’s name. The author is analyzing the impact of the destruction of the Buddha statues, the fall of the Taliban regime, and speculates on future U.S. steps in the Middle East
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Status Of Jihad
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-601693)A letter from Abu Mus’ab to Abu Mohammed relating a meeting with Abu Musab Zarqawi. The author and Zaraqawi agree that the Muslims fighting in Bosnia, Tajisistan, Chechnya, and Kashmir are polytheists and supporters of secular democracy, and that the Taliban are a front for Pakistan
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Criticism Of Abu Al Baraa
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-601346)The author writes against those who “innovate in religion.” In particular, he believes that Abu Al-Bara’a distorts Islamic law to his own ends. Abu Al-Bara’a ignores any evidence or arguments brought forth contrary to his opinions and picks and chooses what teachings fit his interests. People such as Al-Bara’a do not comprehend the truth.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]A Response To Accusations Against Sheikh Albani
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-601041)A call to Muslims to recognize shame and bad conditions of their lives is not the doing of fellow Muslims, but rather the result of the deception and cunning of the infidels.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]The Confrontation Between The Sunni Population Of Al Sham Against Al Naserieh, Crusaders And Jews
A Harmony document (The Confrontation Between the Sunni Population of Al Sham against Al-Naserieh, Crusaders and Jews)This is an abbreviated version of a longer book that was found on floppy disks captured from Mes Ainak, Jalalabad
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Letter To Mullah Mohammed Omar From Bin Laden
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-600321)A two page typed letter discussing the situation in Afghanistan, the continuation of jihad in the Islamic Republics, and the situation in the Arabian peninsula
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Letter To Aba Khalid From Bin Laden
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-600157)A one-paragraph response by bin Laden to a letter that Aba Khalid wrote to him. Bin Laden expresses pleasure that Khalid’s letter reflected an understanding of the goals of the movement and the dangers confronting it. Bin Laden also states that they are considering the suggestions of Aba Khalid and will let him know their decision on them.83
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Lessons Learned From The Armed Jihad Ordeal In Syria
A lengthy document of 20,000 words that examines the jihad waged against the Syrian regime of Hafez el Assad from 1976-1982. The document begins with a Chapter 2 entitled “Basics” followed by a Chapter 1 “Observations on the experience as a whole. This is followed by another Chaper 2 entitled “Lessons learned from the obstacles facing military jihad.” The Syrian militants belong to one group called the Attalieaa-the Vanguard and their erstwhile allies in the Muslim Brotherhood fought s...
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]A Short Report On The Trip From Nairobi
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-600113)Omar describes the tribal population, the region’s cities, and the topography. He also writes about the schedule of future work, provides some examples of terrorist operations that his group carried out, and gives his opinion on the location and the future of the operation.
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Five Letters To The Africa Corps
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-600053)Five letters
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Al Qaida Bylaws
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-600048)A lengthy organizational document covering the goals of Al-Qa’ida, organizational procedures, bylaws, benefits, and allowances. Reveals the highly centralized and controlling nature of the organization, and the extent to which it has embraced modern management practices while maintaining fidelity to its religious vision
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Employment Contract
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-600045)An employment contract for potential recruits to enlist in Al-Qa’ida. The document sets forth the principal goals of Al-Qa’ida, and defines the salary, benefits, and job expectations of Al-Qa’ida members
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]A Memo To Sheikh Abu Abdullah
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-003251)The author writes to his honored mentor and presents his views on the leadership skills and tactics that Al-Qa’ida must use to achieve victory. Emphasis is given to the political and military methods as well as public relations strategies and information management techniques that can produce positive results for Al-Qa’ida
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Letter Of Threat To Americans
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-001120)A letter from Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Kuwaiti outlining the next attack against the Americans, and issuing a statement to the Americans to let them know of their fighters’ readiness to kill hundreds of thousands with their nuclear and biological arsenal. The second letter is dated 10 November 2001 from Abu Yousef Al-Qannas to Khallad Al-Kuwaiti informing him that he is moving north by orders of the Sheikh (Osama bin Laden), and that he will join him in a week’...
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Al Qaida Staff Count Public Appointments
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-000112)A management review of Al-Qa’ida personnel and organizational structure and an exhortation to ensure that the new cadres are placed on the right path
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Open Letter To King Fahd From Bin Laden
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-000103)A letter which strongly criticizes the Saudi regime for not adhering to the tenets of Islam, particularly monotheism, as well as for rampant corruption and being essentially a puppet of America and other Western states
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Interior Organization
A Harmony document (AFGP-2002-000080)A description of Al-Qa’ida’s organizational structure including the responsibilities and qualifications of the commander, duties of the five general committees, and general goals of the movement. Key goals are to establish the truth, get rid of evil, and establish an Islamic Nation
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Al Qaida Goals And Structure
A Harmony documentThe document sets forth the goals and structure of the Military Committee, Political Committee, Information Committee, and the Administrative and Financial Committee. Qualifications are listed for different positions of the committee. The intent is to develop Al-Qa’ida as an effective force under the direction of leaders who are professionally capable, trained in Islamic laws, faithful to jihad, and loyal to Al-Qa’ida
Keywords: Al-Qaeda; Jihad
[texts]Jihad 44 Tareqe Pashto - ٓAbtalul Islam PDF Files
په جهاد کې د ګډون کولو ۴۴ طريقېروش ۴۴ ګانه حمايت از جهاد في سبيل اللهجهاد میں شرکت کے ۴۴ طریقے44 ways of supporting JihadPashto/Farsi/Urdu Languagesabtalulislam presentsأبطال الإسلام خپرندويه اداره
Keywords: په جهاد کې د ګډون کولو ۴۴ طريقې روش ۴۴ ګانه حمايت از جهاد في سبيل الله جهاد میں شرکت کے ۴۴ طریقے 44 ways of supporting Jihad Pashto/Farsi/Urdu Languages abtalulislam presents أبطال الإسلام خپرندويه اداره
[texts]Brecht Nicht Euer Fasten mit dem Fleisch eurer Brüder
Ghuraba Media: Nashiha
Keywords: Ghuraba Jihad Akhlaq
[movies]Afgan 2014
Afgan media
Keywords: shamikh1.info/vb, Islam; jihad; 2014
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6007: National Lampoon's 72 Virgins - Funny or Die
Two idiot college students unwittingly join an Al Qaeda cell in order to get the 72 virgins promised to terrorists when they die. From the makers of Animal House, Van Wilder, and the Vacation movies. Join the Jihad at NationalLampoon.com
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; 72 Virgins; Al Qaeda; Animal House; From the makers of; National Lampoon; Van Wilder; college students; film; funny; girls; movies; terrorists; trailers; viral videos
[texts]Five Letters To The Africa Corps
A Harmony Doc
Keywords: Jihad
Downloads: 1
[audio]Nebtidi نبتدي منين الحكاية
Emad Jihad, عماد جهاد
Keywords: Emad Jihad, Laptop Keyboard, Music, موسيقى رقمية، نبتدي منين الحكاية، عماد جهاد،; عماد جهاد
Downloads: 7 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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